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week 3 run 3!

well after 4 weeks of the lurgy, i've just finished week 3 run 3! I'm feeling quite good about it, still not interested in distance or speed, just listening to Laura and ensuring I run for the duration of the actual runs! And I'm coping. I'm not dropping weight, but my jeans felt ever so slightly looser, which is great. Chest was quite tight today, but soon disappeared. I'm looking forward to week 4, but have to say there seems to be a decent jump in time spent running, compared to week 3. I will do my best!

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Take care after being ill Just listen to Laura and take it slow and steady and you'll be fine in wk 4 The prog has worked for so many of us who at the start never thought we would be runners . You are right not to worry out speed or distance until after you graduate --- and you will graduate Good luck and keep looking at this forum for lots of support


Thanks so much for your reply :))


Fitfor60 says it all. Each week's runs prepare you for what is coming next.. The structure is perfect for most people and in just a few weeks time you will be running for 30 continuous minutes and be amazed at yourself.

Good luck. Keep running keep smiling.


hope so! just trying to build stamina and stick with Laura! Thanks


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