If at first you don't succeed try, try, try and try again

I've been kicking around these forums for about a year now and keep getting calf injuries which lay me off from the C25K challenge. I think this is my fourth attempt to get through challenge... I'm trying to decide if I can state week 2 as finished as the treadmill I was on today decided to keep turning itself off every 12 minutes or so, I quite like W2 as the music seems to fit the natural rhythm of my "running" (using the term lightly here). I have attempted the three runs but the treadmill messed up my session today quite a lot and left me rather irritable (after which I dropped my MP3 player and bits flew everywhere but I think it's still working and then I dropped my locker padlock - also seems to still be working) so I can't honestly say that today was a resounding success.

Think I'll crack on with W3 and see how I get on... anyone else had issues where their body just seems to resist improvement by running and if so any tips?

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  • Sounds like you had one of those days! I agree with you in moving to week 3. How far have you been getting before the calf injuries? Have you tried gait analysis - perhaps your shoes aren't helping. You sound very determined with four attempts - I hope this is the attempt that gets you to graduation and beyond. Good luck.

  • Thanks Jellymum, I got to week 2 the first time, week 4 the second and week 6 the third - maybe this time I'll get to it. Had gait analysis done just after starting but might be worth doing again in case my other hobbies (dancing) have changed the way I "run"

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