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If at first you don't succeed..


Hello everyone :) This is my first post. I wanted to make one two days ago but I felt too down. Last Friday, I decided to go for a run for the first time in 10 years. I looked at the program for week 1 and thought I'd manage it easily.. I was very wrong. I managed 4 out of the 8 rounds and then had to walk the rest of the way home out of breath and in pain. It really hit me how out of shape I had become and I felt so ashamed that I'd let it get to this point. I'm 27, and 3 stone overweight.

This morning I really didn't feel like trying again, but I put on my shoes and went outside. And, I did it! I managed all 8 runs and it's the best feeling in the world! Thank you so much to the lovely people here, reading all the posts and motivation is what pushed me out of the house this morning. To anyone in the same boat as me, if you can't manage day 1, please don't give up :) I already can't wait for Tuesday.

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Well done you, you've done the hardest bit which is to kick that couch and get out there. Please don't be ashamed at either your size or your fitness. For many, many reasons we end up being where we are. The big thing is you want to make a change and you've actually started making the change. Its easy to do the talking - a lot harder to do the running and walking.

There are so many wise folk on here, who will help, support and cheer for you. It's fantastic that you are looking forward to Tuesday. So are we now, to see how well you get on.

Happy running.


This is the sort of positive attitude that will see you on the graduate's podium in 9 weeks or so. What a brilliant achievement! Congratulations on completing the hardest one after a difficult start.


10 out of 10 for not giving up. That's the stuff that gets success. Well done!


Yay, well done, don't forget to post as you progress. 😁


Fantastic. Well done! Great attitude.


Excellent! Well done and good for you for not giving up! Now it will just get better and better".............not all the time ! but it does get better!👏👏👏👏😄😄

Happy running!

Welcome and very well done. Your post is an inspiration to everyone just getting started on the program.

You can definitely do this.

Just remember, there's no hurry, it's not a competition. Start each run very very slowly and gradually over the weeks your stamina will build. Always take at least one rest day and trust in the program.

Good luck and happy running!


Brilliant. The first one is the toughest. You've done that and you're on your way. Make sure that you put structure in place so that you keep to the weekly commitment. By the end of week one you won't believe how much progress you

have made. Keep at it.


Yeay!!! Well done you... slow and steady does it.. you are going to get there:)


Thanks for posting. Yesterday was my first W1R1. I too struggled with keeping going for 60 seconds. I have been doing some"gentle walks" recently but this is a challenge ... and yet when you look at the idea of running for 60s I think simple!! In reality it is not. I know my goal is to feel better both health wise and also weight wise. Keep focused on what you want to achieve. My 2nd run tomorrow. Enjoying my rest day today even though I don't feel I really deserve it!

nijntjeruns in reply to Richard7

You definitely deserve it! Like others have said, the first one is the hardest. You went out there and did your best and you will only improve from here. Good luck for tomorrow, stay positive and know that we will get there eventually :)

Congratulations. I often feel I am not going to make it then do it. And there is no shame in going for it and not completing. Walking is such good exercise in itself. It's a great programme but we will all react differently to it. I have just finished Week 2 and I am sure I will find Week 3 a big step up. I felt the same in Week 1. I am 58, at least 2 stone overweight and have dodgy feet and joints - arthritis. I haven't jogged since last year because of that. But because I walk a lot it has made it a bit easier to start the programme and my feet are strengthening now. No weight has shifted unfortunately - maybe by Week 9! That thought should keep you motivated. Glad to hear that you are looking forward to the next round.


I absolutely love this post!!! It is soooo encouraging & an important one for everyone to read....no, we don't always feel like it but we do it...you are an inspiration both to us on here & to people who saw you this morning....keep on with that determination...I'm so glad you're looking forward to your next run..sounds like an addiction coming on???!!!! Please please PLEASE keep posting so we can read about you journey...remember we're all running along with you...every single step....well done

nijntjeruns in reply to Mummycav

What a lovely comment! Thank you for the encouragement :) you are right about the addiction part haha, never thought I'd say that about running! I will definitely keep posting, it really seems to help.

So glad you posted this as I had exactly the same experience today and all of the other posts I've seen on here so far have been people saying it was easier than expected etc - so was convinced this just wasn't for me. Like you, I got to the fourth jog and that was my lot. Felt like I was about to die.

I hadn't expected it to be easy as I have never been a runner and am now very out of shape (age 35 and 22st) but I was shocked and disappointed how debilatating I had found a few pesky minutes of jogging.

Having read your post I think I will give it another go tomorrow, maybe trying to jog more slowly. Any tips from anyone much appreciated.

Sadie-runsGraduate in reply to needwillpower

Going REALLY slow is the best thing you can do! Going fast serves no purpose at all here. Even if you are almost walking, it's not a problem. The aim is to complete the runs. And slowly, as if by magic, it starts to become more manageable with each run. Trust - in the programme and in yourselves! It is as much in the mind as in the body. Most people struggle with that first run, honestly. But you should be so so proud of yourselves for getting on out there, you really should.

Running is not a miracle cure for losing weight. However, as you get fitter and start to enjoy the multitude of other benefits from running (endorphin rushes, stress relief, sense of achievement, strengthening heart and lungs, stronger legs...) it somehow makes you examine all areas of your life, and health. It becomes sort of easier to want to eat healthier, more likely to take the stairs over the lift, and so on. Well, that's been my experience!

We are with you all the way!

ejvcrunsGraduate in reply to Sadie-runs

Agree with this. Better choices are easier when you are already doing good by running.

Well done on starting and not giving up, stick with the programme and you will do amazing things... good luck and remember slow and steady 😉

That's amazing just how I felt .... I've just done W4R1 and it filled me full of fear but I did it so I'm really pleased keep going xxx


Congratulations! I remember being really angry with myself because I couldn't go 60 seconds without thinking I might expire. That was late July. Here I am now, about to start week 9. Yes, I'm slow. But I'm proud of sticking to it, and happy with myself instead of angry and ashamed. Good luck on your journey!!!

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