Couch to 5K

Injury, Plan B - swimming?

Can't believe that word crossed my lips ;) Am keen to maintain fitness as I wait for physio appointment. Ran yesterday for first time since graduating last Saturday but hip still incredibly tender to touch and stiff after sitting so time to get it seen to I think.

Has anyone tried a swimming equivalent to C25K? I've Googled a few examples but keen to hear from you if you've tried similar! Thanks

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Can you do freestyle/crawl?

If not, spending money on 2-3 lessons with an adult swimming teacher will be really valuable. I aim for 300-500m of swimming with at least another 100m of kick board lengths for CV fitness. My pet hate is the lack of lanes in my pool!


Swimfit is popular and used at fitness centres. Looks good to me. I signed up but haven't started yet.


Hi, thanks for the recommendation. Looks excellent! Depending on what the physio says about running I may well be on to this!


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