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W6R2. Oops, Got that one wrong. Plan B?


Went out on W6R2 this morning. Had the usual 'I'm not sure I can complete this' feeling during the first 10 minute run. Started the second more slowly and by the half way point it was really hard to keep moving. Soon after that i realised that there really was no way i could complete and kept going to the next lamp post for support.

Very conveniently placed grass verge where I stopped (outside the local clinic) and i had to sit and then lie down in roughly the recovery position to recover. Generated some interest from concerned passers by and a kind gentleman stayed by me until I was able to move again.

Managed to get myself the 3/4 mile back uphill home though somewhat more slowly than usual.

Thinking that to rebuild confidence I'll temporarily at least part company with Laura and do a few 'free' runs letting my body dictate how long I run for and slowly increasing before picking up the programme again..... or just do that at my own entirely.

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It sounds as if you had a really bad time of it today. Was it breathing that was the issue or muscles, or both? How did you get on with the 20 minute week 5 run 3? It might be that you're coming down with something. If you haven't had any problems before, thenit might be that you jst need an extra days rest and then try w6r2 again. If there are other issues then I would re-do week 5 to get your confidence back.

sbhoa in reply to TJFlute

Muscles tired but no more than usual, just seemed to hit total exhaustion.

I'd had two rest days.

The 20 minutes of W5R3 I managed though the last 2 minutes were really hard and I had a few seconds supporting myself on a lamp post before continuing on my warm down walk. I made myself finish that one as I really didn't feel by the end that I could face trying again.

I may try W6R2 again but on a different route. but maybe I just need to slow my progress down a bit. The idea of 'free' runs is partly because I find it harder and harder to cope with having the music in my ear as I tire. It's like too much effort to listen.

Don't think I'm coming down with something...... It was a fortnight ago I picked up something and had to have a day in bed but managed W5R1 after another days rest.

I will get out and do something......Just got myself some 'real' running clothing after all. :)

Might get the pharmacist to check my blood sugar tester. When I've felt bad and checked it it's always been well into normal level. (type 2 diabetic).

TJFlute in reply to sbhoa

That's a good plan. I know wht you mean about the music, it makes me tire too sometimes. It would be worth trying with just a timer so you know when to walk and run. However, the fact that you're tiring literally to collapsing is not good and definitely needs checking out; so pharmacist first and see what the outcome of that is. Good luck and let us know the outcome :)

Been to the doctor. He wasn't really concerned but is arranging for me to have a blood pressure monitor for a week.

Maybe just need to accept my individual limits and not go too hard 'because other people can manage it'. Measuring myself against others is also a fault I have as a musician.

In the short term at least I think I'll part company with Laura (thanks for getting me started Laura) and continue with regular runs letting my body dictate how long/far I run. Will run until I think I've had enough then continue a minute or two longer so that I'm still progressing.

I hope I'm still welcome on C25k forum if I deviate. :)

Been out this morning. Nothing in my ears.

After warm up I just ran as far as I could, then added on a bit more. Ran for 11 minutes.

As that was almost a mile I'm thinking that it may be a bit of a pacing problem that's preventing me from going for longer. I find it comfortable running at that sort of pace and hard to go more slowly.

When aiming to go slower it's always felt like harder work.

Maybe I need to do the same but work on slower pace and see if I keep going for more time?

Or just do what feels natural and build up time/distance at my own rate?

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