Couch to 5K


Yesterday I did W1R1, it's my second attempt at this program, I started a couple of years ago but had to stop at week 4 as I came down with tonsillitis and was revising for uni exams and so stopped. Not sure why it's taken 2 years to get back onto it but anyway, it has.

Doing it was all right, last time I did it I remember it 's never a lot of fun during but the after feeling is good. Yesterday was just not very fun all round, but it's done. Also yesterday I was itching like crazy, and when I got home my skin was red and hot in the places it had been itching. From my expert medical opinion off of google, I think it's to do with not exercising for ages and then starting again. Today I hurt. A lot. Hobbling places rather than walking. Things will get better though I'm sure, ache wise and itching I hope!

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I'm also back after 2 years! What should have been just a short break after week 3 turned out to be way longer than expected... oh well, back now!

Maybe experiment with different clothing. My skin is super sensitive when I'm sweating, the wrong fabric or even washing powder will cause lots of itching. Fingers crossed it gets better!

Hehe, glad I'm not the only one who was hurting after the very first run. Did my second one today and did some stretches afterwards. Feels a lot better, but will see what it's like tomorrow!


Welcome back and well done for getting through it! Make sure you always do that 5 minute brisk walk to warm up and also afterwards. If you can have a really good stretch when you get home too. Sounds boring but it does work! Maybe the itching was the cold and your blood coursing through your veins? ;-) Good luck this time around.


Well done you! Spiffing post too. Don't worry - your body will adjust before too long. It took me about 6 runs before I had no aches or pains. Stick at it. You can do it! Yes you can! We're all here routin' tootin' for ya!


well done and welcome back..take it slow and steady with no exectations...and enjoy it!!!


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