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Managed a gentle W9 run today! Also acquired a 'manual' treadmill!

My neighbour popped round last night to tell me that another neighbour had a treadmill on his drive saying 'Free to a good home' - and it has a 'manual' and everything.

Went to suss this out and, yes there was the treadmill 'Free to a good home'. The outcome was that, after a quick trial on said drive, I gave it a home.

I am not sure how good it will be. It is a Manual machine. i.e. the belt is not electrically driven! I found it easier to use than a normal treadmill which always make me feel that I am heading for a tumble.

So, now I must sort out the garden room (remove the many bee boxes) and set it up in there.

I have been concerned that running in the ice could be foolhardy and even if this is only useful occasionally it must be a good thing.

Another update: I've been out of sorts with a chesty cough lately so not been running. Today I did W9 and just about managed it all. At the end I did some reps on the outdoor gym and then walked the 2km home. So my 'run' was 6.53km in 1h8mins. Very slow, I know, but out and done. 30 minutes non-stop running.

I also decided that today must be my first fast day on my 5:2 journey. Not done badly as far as hunger pangs go and really hoping I am now on the right path to improving my self.

Just got to hang on to the determination big time!

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Well done for doing 30 minutes again :)

Haven't heard anything from you for a while, so it's good to hear that you managed to get out today. Slow? Maybe, but getting out there is way more important and 30 mins is good going after a break.

Hope that treadmill works ok - I'm sure it'll have found a "good home" with you.


Hello RNB! Yes, I've been out of the loop for quite some time now with a truly disgusting cough, which exhausts me! This morning when I got up I didn't feel ill any more so made the effort to get out there again. My rib cage ached a lot - due to the hacking coughing no doubt - so I allowed myself to go gently, and even stop if necessary. Right now I am really pleased I made the effort. At the end of the day it is up to us to make a difference to ourselves. I do feel so much better since I set out on this path and didn't like having to wuss out. 2014 is going to be a great year! It has got to be, 2013 was total rubbish!

Hope all goes well for you out there in all the heat. Nice to hear from you.



Heat, or at least warmth during the day maybe, but right now I'm in several layers huddled near my heater. Think my lounge has hit the heady heights of thirteen degrees now after the heater has been on for an hour.


Hey Beek did it ! Well done on your 30 minutes running and making a start on the 5:2.The treadmill,that was a lucky's got to be better the risking it if /when it's icy underfoot.Great to read your post today...start 2014 as you mean to go on :)


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