Must be mad and Christmas Greetings

Must be mad and Christmas Greetings

Hope you are all having a lovely Christmas -having endured a 7 hour journey yesterday afternoon and evening - not heeding any weather forecast from the BBC I travelled to north west Scotland - the top of literally, saw snow on the A9, missed about 5 stags and deer wandering on rural roads and drove without seeing any other vehicle for the last 50 miles - and thus thought this morning I needed to go out with our good friend Laura for the first time in 2 weeks - so here is my route - I disappeared over the horizon but got a bit of hill training in!!

Next week I will see what running in Devon is like!!

Enjoy the festive period.

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  • Oh wow - just the kind of run to clear the head after a long journey! It looks beautiful. Isn't it great running in different places and environments - I'm a Devon runner and last weekend ran in London which I loved. In my head I'm already planning Lake Garda and Venice runs for our holiday in April!

    Hope you enjoy your Devon runs!

  • WHat an incredible vista! Is this part of the "C4TS on Tour" run-a-thon? Have a terrific Boxing Day.

  • That looks like a lovely run.

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