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Stamina run again, this time did all of it!

I ran Stamina again this morning. Last time out I wimped out of the last interval - 'Let;s finish with a burst at ?? beats per minute' This time I was almost out of track for the last quick burst but made it by running round the tennis courts and football pitch as well. Quite surprised myself really! Then a session on the park gym before my 2km walk home.

And during the run I worked out my programme for the next couple of weeks.

Long run on Sunday (and 5:2 fast day) Long run Wednesday (and fast day) then a run of whatever I like just for the hell of it on Friday. Start again at Sunday.

Right now I am really chuffed that I kept it all going right through.

BUT! I am feeling incredibly cold in my bones. Does anyone else get this after a run? I did a nice warm down followed by a long hot shower but feeling SOO cold!


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Couldn't get on with stamina - so well done you.

I also feel really cold after running, and even more so after a session at the gym. It can go on for a few hours. I don't know why this happens though.


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