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I did it! - another to add to the graduate list :)

I've done it! Last run was one of those mind over matter ones but I'm so proud I stuck with it.

Re-wind to Summer 2012 and I injured my neck in a total body class, I ignored the niggle and by Nov last year was in chronic pain. Took until this February before I caved in, gave up exercise, went to the Docs and work restricted certain jobs due to the pain. March-April saw me undergo physio which had no effect, followed by a summer of pain (good side of my neck went, if it wasn't for the boyfriend reading about knots and working it out for me I'd have been doubly miserable) and the dreaded weight gain. MRI scan followed, good news no structural damage done. New physio managed to start making progress in September and in October I booked my ski holiday and found couch to 5k. Physio has made enough progress for me to run without it causing me pain, I'm still not right and restricted ergonomically at work but at least I'm fit again.

This year is the year I got back to fitness, next year I hope to get back to being pain free. Moral of the story, don't ignore those niggles people!

Time to go work out my next set of goals......happy running everyone!

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Congratulations. Sorry to read about your injury.


Thanks for the advice. It's so hard to be patient. Congratulations. Good looking badge.


Well done, road to recovery is long and hard but worth it. Enjoy the skiing


Congratulations on graduating, especially after injury :)


Thanks everyone! Not normally a forum person but I'm finding this one very helpful. Merry Christmas x

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