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Well that was different

Jogging without Laura. Got up this morning and had ipod failure. My C25K podcasts are on my old, nearly given up hope, ipod and it had no charge this morning so I decided as I knew my route and where abouts on it my 25 minutes were up to take the better ipod out and just listen to a compilation album instead. So no Laura with me today. It was my third 25 minute run and to be honest I was a bit apprehensive about doing it without Laura. But I did it! W7R2 done and dusted. I really need to start believing in myself a little bit more. It was very frosty at 06:30 and I managed not to slip or slide for the whole run but did slip the second step of my warm down walk. Typical but not serious. Actually, feeling very happy with the whole jogging thing right now. :)

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I agree, it was VERY slippery this morning! I was close to going over a few times, when running and when walking. It was a bit hairy coming down the hill and round the sharp bend, the car coming along probably wondered what I was up to. Daughter fared well on her way to school as well, but son managed to turn his scooter over, leaving a red streak down the road (plastic off the scooter, not blood!).

Glad you enjoyed your run, just wait until we get snow, that's brilliant!

Run safe everyone!


Sounds like you had good run despite all obstacles You are so right when you say you must believe in yourself Been said many times but this running lark is often more mental than physical Not long before you get graduation badge Good luck


I started running a bit later in the morning to allow the frost and ice to melt a bit as I had a really slippery run one morning and it was horrible. You can't run when it's like a skating rink.


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