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Am I slacking or 'having a break'?

Hit week 7 two weeks ago and not ventured any further since. Chest infection, too much else going on and now a cold! What to do? Should I get back on track asap, or take a couple of weeks to fully recover and then return with a vengeance? In the past, when had 'a break from running' have found that fitness levels haven't dropped too much, so am hopeful I will be able to return at least on week 6. I will complete this and I will graduate, I could aim to be the first to graduate in 2014 I suppose!!??

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Definitely take time to heal. I tired to push past a cold once and it took me ages to get over it plus I hate having really bad runs it Knocks my confidence. When your well enough I would personally start back the week before and see how you get on. You sound so determined, so I have no doubt you will graduate.


I'm wondering the same thing. I've been suffering for the last 3 weeks from weird sickness and dizziness of unknown origin. Feeling more human today, and thinking that if this continues I might be able to restart the programme "soon". (Without the layoff Saturday 21st would have been graduation day, so I'd LOVE it to be restart day).

I'm thinking of doing week5 run3 for my restart (ie 20 minutes continuous). And then doing week 6 run 3 before repeating week 7... I have been managing to walk most days (I find walking less "worrying" than running when I'm feeling sick and dizzy, and in fact being out in the fresh air really helps) and have taken the opportunity to spy out some new routes, so I'm hoping I haven't lost too much fitness...

Maybe we will graduate together !


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