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week7run3 done after an 8 day layoff !

I've been ill for the last week (niggly sickness and dizziness, so dr has started me on bloodpressure medication) but was feeling more human this morning so decided to give it go. I gave myself permission before I started to switch to walking if i started feeling dizzy but within 2 minutes of starting I was grinning like a loon and I managed the whole 25 minutes. Only stupid thing was that I forgot to enable GPS on my phone before I set out, so mapmyrun didn't work.

Weather is fantastic - cold and crisp. I waited for the sun to be visible above the mountains so as not to be running in the shade. Experimented with breathing through the buff, but found it more irritating than anything, so I just breathed the cold air. I also dispensed with the armband for the phone. Finding it a bit of a faff, and my windproof outer has a nice handy pocket, so just stuck the phone in there - much better.

(Although i wasn't feeling up to running during the week, I did kick myself out the door and make myself walk round my usual route, which I guess helped maintain my fitness. This also gave me the opportunity to check out a couple of new variants to the path, which i duly ran this morning).

Starting to feel like a real runner !

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Well done! 25 minutes after a break is pretty good going. I don't like the idea of breathing through a buff, I can't bear anything to cover my mouth, and just try and take a few deep breaths of cold air during my warm-up walk to ease the lungs into it!

Making yourself go out for a walk is brilliant, mentally if not physically - keeps the idea of 'going out' in the mind and helps prevent the slippery slope of 'maybe tomorrow instead' (which is what I am guilty of!).


Avoiding the slippery slope was definately one reason for going for walks. I didn't feel that jogging would be safe (was afraid I'd either faint or throw up) but walking outdoors seemed to ease the symptoms - whether it was the actual walking or whether it was just being outdoors and breathing deeply that eased the nausea I'm not sure.

I also found it easier to check out a new route while walking. So I've got a new variant that is about 4k and which has bits running on grass and on dirt paths as well as on pavement. Good for my knees I figure. (And the break was VERY good for my knees).


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