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Strange run this morning Wk9r2

My running buddy has hurt her leg so on my own and missed chat at start and end of run Back of my thighs sort of felt funny -not exactly sore but was aware of them Guessing it was after parkrun on sat Just didn't seem to get legs working for first 20 mins -- kept looking at my feet to see if they were actually moving!! Maybe just anticlimax after parkrun? Anyway suddenly Laura said only 5 mins to go and legs felt fine and though didnt manage to speed up it all seemed so much easier and I kind of floated to end No idea how far I went cos friend has gizmo to track speed distance and do you know what I didn't care After parkrun I seemed to get caught up in time I took but today I have realised that actually I just want to out there running I am sure I will want to try and match parkrun time next time but if I don't - so what I feel fitter , have more energy and got lots of folk who support me on this forum Looking forward to doing graduation run on thurs and hopefully getting that badge

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I don't worry about pace, time, distance covered or anything. Just concentrated on getting round and hanging onto Laura's ever word, knowing she'd drag me round.

You are so close now you can feel it. I couldn't sleep the night before my Graduation run as I was so excited. Organise yourself a little treat for when you've completed it. Good luck. You can do it. You know you can!




You know you can do it now, well done again for Saturday, you were totaly awsome!!

good luck for tomorrow, I am a run behind you and intend to get there, thanks for your support, encouragement and inspiration.


Thanks runninggran54 my running buddy We encouraged each other and we will BOTH do it . Fingers crossed it will stay dry tomorrow morning


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