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Bottom thigh problem?

After my last run on Thursday I started getting this weird pain behind my knee or just above there I suppose. I decided to leave my run yesturday and see how it feels today but it doesn't feel any better its not hugely painful more annoying then anything and I can't help but feel that a good strech and warm up would help it and I should be able to run.. Any advice is appriciated =D

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A long and winding story but I am hypermobile, so about once a month have to go to a massage therapist for deep tissue massage in those deep muscles that I can't stretch myself...anywho, I mentioned to her that I was getting tingles up the back of my knee and thigh. It turns out that my piriformis was trapping the sciatic nerve, causing these lovely sensations. I gather that this is quite common and usually stretches will alleviate the problem. (or a sharp elbow and a vicious masseuse) =D


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