Graduated !!!

Yes!!! I graduated today and this is my first post. Thought about sharing my experience all along if that would be of any help to fellow members. Wow! what a journey it has been from gasping for breath in a minute to running 30 minutes non-stop . I have never done any form of exercise before other than the sporadic brisk walking.

Completed in exactly 9 weeks and it is a great feeling. Ran the first 6 weeks on a thread mill and ventured outside from week 7 and definitely running outside has been more fun . I ditched Laura after week 7 and had been using Runkeeper along with my custom playlist. On w9d3 ran for extra 10 minutes to complete my 5K, though I am currently not worried about speed. Overall lost about 10 pounds in 9 weeks. This program has given me all the confidence and had made a big impact on my lifestyle and my next target is 10K .Would definitely be spreading the word about c25k among friends and family. Had shin splits during week 6, post run stretches and applying an ice-pack helped and in my last 2 runs had a slight pain in my knee (meniscus tear probably) and applying an ice-pack and anti inflammatory cream helped get some relief.

Thank you all the nice people here for the constant support and encouragement. The forum here has been really helpful in boosting the confidence .

Now to apply for the graduate batch ;-)

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  • Well done. It's amazing, isn't it? I can't get over how the programme gets us through stuff that seems impossible at first. Hope you have fun going for 10K. All the best.

  • Great news! Congratulation to our new graduate - yes, get that badge quickly and celebrate. :D

    Your progress seems to have been 'textbook' ... Here's hoping that newbie runners will see this post and be inspired to go through the programme too. All the best for your post grad running - I suspect/hope that, like many of us, this life-changing new habit will be keeping you fit and healthy for a long, long time. Cheers, Linda :)

  • Thanks Linda ... you suspected right ... I am already looking forward to my next run :-)

  • Congratulations, isn't it a good feeling? I still have to pinch myself to believe that I am actually going out and running for 30 or 40 mins without stopping. I seem to have forgotten the in-between weeks between starting & desperately waiting for the end of those 60-second runs, and happily running 30 mins or more. Never would have believed it was possible, if you'd asked me a year ago. Good luck with life after graduation!

  • Congratulations! We graduate together, feels fantastic doesn't it!! Good luck with your next 10K challenge, look forward to hearing how you get on! :)

  • Congratulations!!! Great effort and I hope that your achievement inspires others to realise that this can be done on a treadmill or outdoors. I mix it up now to ensure I get my run done whatever the weather. Best wishes for your post graduation plans

  • Fantastic! Well done, what an achievment - feels so good doesn't it, :-)

  • Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Keep it up and good luck for the next leg of your journey!

  • Well done, I am just about to embark on week 2, can't wait to be in your position! Unlike you I have run before, and have two London Marathons under my belt from my younger years. I stopped running a few years ago, and regretted it ever since. So after a ten year lay off I have started again! It's harder than I remember, but am determined to do it. So thanx for your post,it has inspired me to keep going, I can't wait to get to where you are!!!

  • well dne and good luck after years smoking drinking at 45 i feel like new man dne my 10 k race 2 wks ago half marathon next had the knee thing as well happy running and good luck once welldone

  • Well done, what a great post - very inspirational for all new runners. Good luck with the post graduate runs and the 10 k goal - fantastic :)

  • Well done u! I've run before but after having 2 children and not running for a few years I have felt so out of shape... but now I'm on week 4 I'm hoping I ll get to graduate too. Reading posts like yours keeps me inspired and motivated. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!

  • Well done. What a great feeling!

  • By the way, how did you get your graduate badge? I asked for mine a week ago. Any tips?

  • Hi, I just sent a mail using the "Email us" link at

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