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Week 4 Run 2

Well, since I knew I could manage the run with ease at a snail's pace I decided to up the game a little and push the pace slightly higher (not much, but just enough to make me work for it).

Well...I certainly worked for it! My legs were feeling it after the warm up walk (I guess run 1 took more out of them than a day's rest could fix) and the pull didn't ease up until after my post run stretches.

But despite the extra push on pace, I still made it through all the runs with only one little snag...I had to stop for 20 seconds at a pedestrian crossing three and a half minutes into my final run.

Does that count as a failed run? I paused the podcast at the lights and also ran all the way through Laura's 'slow down...blah do the cooldown walk' talking to try and make up for it, but that little break did give me a little chance to catch my breath (but picking up the running again wasn't easy as my legs wanted to tell the rest of me exactly where to go!). I've only ever had to stop at pedestrian crossings during my walking breaks thus far, but I tried a slightly different route tonight which didn't work out so well.

I guess that since I did complete the run it should be okay, but I'll have to think twice about where I go next time.

Hopefully my legs are a little stronger on Wednesday! I had my two days off work yesterday and today, so maybe my lack of everyday activity didn't really give my legs a decent chance to recover!

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That bit about the pedestrian crossing & running a bit longer at the end to make up for it - I used to do that too. I think I was over thinking it. Relax it's not cheating. You'll still complete the course & be fine.


I guess I felt a little like a cheater because the breather felt good! But I guess the improvement in stamina is still there even if I stop against my will!


Yes I think so. The feeling of cheating made me feel a little less confident for the next run. It was that mind thing again - the one that says you can't really do this. And we can!


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