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W1R1 - now 11 months of inactivity are behind me !

Happy to report that I started the C25K program again yesterday after an extended period of 11 months off due to injury, workload and putting it off. So with orthotics fitted and a new convert from work with me we started.

I'm pleased to say that this time I've got the confidence of knowing that the program really works and can't wait until I'm hooked on running again.

Things I'm doing differently this time are: doing it with a friend (so we can keep each other on plan), using a foam roller (to massage those muscles), wearing my orthotics (to ensure my gait doesn't put my back out again), following the S&F program (to build core strength and posture) and using a GPS devise (to track my progress). Who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

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Wishing you and your running buddy all the best. I did C25K a second time after having 3 months off and really enjoyed it, the fact that you know its do-able helped of course ;)


It's good to hear that you are fit enough to do C25K again. I think it's good to have a running buddy too. Good luck to you both and happy running


Well done for getting back on the bike (so to speak)!



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