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5k run again!

After my really successful 5k run last Saturday I knew that I needed to get out and try and do it again!

I already knew that I could physically run 5k but I was a bit worried today because I would have been running on my own without the atmosphere of the race. I told myself that I wasn't allowed back into the house until I had done it, and it worked!

It was definitely harder than it was on Saturday but it wasn't impossible, I was so happy when I reached 5k, I couldn't stop smiling!

I'm going to make sure I run at least 3 times a week building up my distance now I know I can do it, and I also want to mix in some HIIT to really get my heart going.

I am going to reach my goal of a marathon even if it kills me!

Happy running everyone!

Stats - 5.13k in 34.22s (5k in 33.17s)

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Impressive time. Well done!


Good result. A marathon is quite a goal to aim for (I'm aiming for a Half!!). Best of luck with it.


its going to be a few years away i know! im planning to work my way up with 10k, half etc... :D


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