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Completed a 5k run for charity and didn't come last!!

I signed up for a 5km run at my university for charity, paid the money and then realised I couldn't run. I started doing the Couch to 5k podcasts to try to get a bit fitter and graduated just in time. Yesterday I ran the full 30 minutes without stopping and this morning (even with a bit of a hangover!) I completed the fun run in 32 minutes! So proud of my medal :) Now the plan is to get my time under 30 minutes and lose some weight before Christmas...

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I did a 5k charity run last Saturday, don't they have the best atmosphere! I was really happy about my medal too! Like you I really want to get my time under 30 mins and the race has definitely given me the motivation to do it! Happy running :D Rachel


Yeah - such a great atmosphere :) We even had guys from the Pirate Society motivating us along the way by threatening to make us 'walk the plank' if we stopped running! Happy running to you too :D


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