Right.... I need your help ladies.... In fact I am already thinking there is a gap in the market....

So when I started running i wore my full on Lycra hold it all in knickers, which did the job but I felt so unsexy... Not good.

So a few weeks back I ditched them as I'd lost the weight as felt I had 'graduated' from the need for old lady knick knocks...


I had a 'commando' run... Not good ( I won't go into the details on that)

Then... Thong... Not good either, too stringy

Then regular knickers.... Too loose

So I reverted back to my old lady Knicks for park run last sat, comfy but not great, and I hate a VPL.


Can anyone recommend some good running knickers???

Ideally a thong style but with a strong gusset and comfy? I just can't find anything out there...




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57 Replies

  • I'm just waiting to see what Dan has to say. I'm sure "double-bagged giblets" will feature in it somewhere.

  • Dear OldNed....didn't want to disappoint....see answer below......

  • Excellent; knew I could rely on you!

  • ;)

  • Crikey- commando run.... you're brave :)

    Can you get a cotton (no lace) thong that has a bit of a gusset (ie. Not a piece of dental floss)?

  • That sounds perfect....

  • You can get them really cheap from places like Tesco's etc (about a fiver for 4/5)

  • The mind boggles as to what the problem was with your commando run! I always run commando (but I do regularly check the seams of my running tights for holes) :-)

  • For the runner... Commando is perfect, I clearly need the right tights for support...

  • Merino low rise (bikini style) briefs - seams are overlocked, avoids chafing and wicks sweat away.

  • Merino??? As in wool???

  • Yep :-) it's used for base layers. I alternate between Finisterre and Icebreaker, but there are other brands. I've also got a merino t-shirt - they are all pretty lightweight and finely knitted. Aldi and Lidl have merino baselayers in every so often, got a long sleeved top recently for ~£10.

    They are machine washable too.

  • Thankyou that's really helpful and sounds perfect

  • Ummmm......... Bridget Jones all the way for me but I agree I hate vpl too. I'll look forward to the replies on this one too :o))

  • I seem to remember a thread on here a while ago about this where everyone raved about the Primark seem free knickers. Haven't tried them myself though

  • Oh... Ill have to take a visit...

  • I have some invisible knickers, shorts type ( invisible under clothing ;-) not completely invisible!) which are good, got them from Debenhams. Eventually they do have a habit of falling apart after many machine washes as there are no seems - gusset is glued in.

  • Oh wow they sound perfecto...

  • 'Mary Portas' knickers (as seen on her TV progs) Yep, not just a hype for her but her undies do really fit comfortably and without VPL - tend to be a mini short style, softly stretchy lacy fabric, loads of colours, and they go well under running shorts, tights, capris and leggings. From Debenhams, House of Fraser or online. The Primark variety are good too, and since they are so very cheap in multi packs, one is tempted to almost treat them as disposable... or just ok for half a dozen wears and washes.

  • You know, I loved those knickers as I thought they looked perfect... But when I tried to order they'd run out of my size. Ill look again, thankyou....

  • Marks and spencer full short style not the mini ones.Took me a while to find decent ones.Mind you I don't give a stuff about looking sexy. X

  • Thankyou ill take a look... It wasn't about looking sexy it's about feeling it. I couldn't give a stuff what anyone thinks when they see me running as believe me I do look a right sight particularly as I can't breathe through my nose so I'm all mouth puffy!!!!

  • I'm on Sloggi full size jobbies. They seem to stand up to lots of washing too but you have to find them when on offer as they're pretty expensive.

  • That's what I have but the problem is I got them after my kids to keep it all in... They felt awful then and they still do now!! ( kids are now 8 and 11....)mmmm maybe about time for new ones!!!!!

  • M&S bikini style briefs as I dislike waist-high pants or trousers/running tights. Not cotton ones, but polyester. They have side seams, but being bikini style and high-cut leg, the side seam is only about one inch. I've had no chaffing at all, and no VPL (as far as I know).

  • Now they sound perfect and I love M and S undies as they cut so well... Thankyou...

  • Oh my God. This thread was made for me. Fear NOT JuJu, for I shall get out my knitting needles and knit you a pair of woolly winsiettes for Xmas. Double stitched with a gusset that could stand a right thrashing. Can't guarantee zero VPL, but if I make them big enough, they could run from your knees to your neck then you could avoid any embarrassing fashion faux pas'! Just send me your inside leg measurement, thigh strength and hip swivel angle and they're as good as DONE!!!

  • Lol

  • I can't wait for Xmas....

    Ok get knitting mr bionic Dan...

    Inside leg:33 inches

    Thigh strength: Viking

    Swivel angle: 90'

    Can't wait ;)

  • Nip into any sports store (I used Decathlon) and invest in some running leggings. Buy 2 pairs so you always have a clean pair. They fit tightly and you don't need to wear any knickers. I sometimes take them into my post-run shower, wash them and they're ready to go for next time. They are also fantastic for holding everything in and stopping any rear end or tummy wobble!!!!! And no VPL 'cos there's no P's.

  • What make are they??? I have Nike capris and its the seam that's the interesting challenge when going commando!!!!

  • I think they're Decathlon's own make, Kalenji. The seams are flat!

  • I am a seam free shorts girl. They just tend to sit in the right place and no vpl. I got mine from primark, but I think many companies do them. Can't get the image of a panther in panties at the. Moment. It is making me smile. Hehe.

  • You are so right... Panthers don't wear granny knickers... In fact they are totally naked... Mmm something to consider ;)

  • Sloggis for me - bikini brief type, rather than the "full size". No VPL and you really don't know you have them on. They may also do a thong style but I'm not sure.

  • A sloggi thong would be perfect...

  • I have less to wobble than I did and can now wear Amnesty knickers (organic fairtrade cotton) and Who Made Your Pants Cecilia knickers (alas I don't get on with central seam knickers at all so their Aimee is no good for me)

  • That sounds like an interesting make....

  • Who Made Your Pants? Yes, do look 'em up, doing great work. Special offer on a pack of the two I have until 5th November (and no I am not on an incentive scheme) It does add to one's appreciation of the run to wear posh knickers (except that they do fit the 'forgetting about them' requirement)

  • I think you need to get overyourself, I don't suppose anyone seeing you out and about will be too apalled at a VPL, especially as you've lost weight -by the way well done for that. Just reserve yor VPL for when you're in non running mode when you can show off your newly aquired slimmer figure !

  • Great advice, thankyou...

  • Fantastic! This really made me chortle particularly remebering seeing my red, sweaty face in the mirror after my last C25K this afternoon! I wasn't worrying about what my backside looked like whilst I was willing myself to get to the end without stopping!

    Seriously, though, do you think that a lot depends on how 'kind' your running leggings/tights/whatever are? Some show up every lump and bump and some are more forgiving. Also has anyone tried these bamboo-type knickers and socks?

  • I can't say I've done the bamboo... But for me it's about feeling as though I'm wearing nothing so I can totally focus on the run without worrying about clothes and chafing etc...

  • Yup, we have lots of bamboo leggings, underwear and socks in this house, very soft.

  • Primark pack of 3 about £5, they are seem free, stretch come in black, white or various other colours. Wash well, also come in hipster, bikini, high leg, full. Oh heck go and check them out, they are worth a try at £5.

  • Thanks Oldgirl, great advice as always....

  • Sweaty Betty online do a pair specifically for running but £16 a pair not cheap!

  • I lurrrve that shop and they sound perfect...

  • I'm a fan of M&S 5 pack microfibre shorts. The pack has 2 black, 2 neutral and one white. They do them in thongs, full briefs and bikini styles too. If you are between sizes I'd go small. £12 for 5.

    Been using them for running under both lycra and loose shorts with no problems.

  • Thankyou...

  • I just use black Calvin Klein thongs, I bought a load cheap a while ago and they're still going. They're black cotton with the normal 'Calvin Klein' elastic bit like the men's but smaller. I won't run in anything else!

    Looks like this is a newer version

    Bit pricier but my old ones are perfect, not sure about the line down the front tho :o/

    Happy shopping!

    Edit- so looks like the link is for the male version! Ooops

  • Nice pouch ;)

  • Would silk be inappropriate ?

  • I decided to give the silk ones a bash this morning but sadly not effective... Nice but I need something a bit more hard core... I'm on a mission now to find the ultimate running knickers!!!

  • Definitely M&S high rise shorts! I've tried lots of the ones mentioned above also and M&S win it for me.

  • Juicyju, I can't help checking daily to see the advice that you've been getting! Would a running magazine fund your quest?! Imagine, drawerfuls of new knickers to try on!

    You've got me thinking about what I wear; just M&S cotton bikini-style- not very glam but seem to be comfortable. Not sure about VPL but I run where no one I know sees me!

  • I wear those ultra-comfy, soft thongs. I know Sloggi do some but I found a cheaper alternative in Matalan...3 for a fiver ;-D I can't stand the feeling of full knickers most of the time, but especially when running under tights/leggings :-) x

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