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My two sliced cheese sandwich & cup of tea AND 5K in 28 minutes & 40 Seconds!!!

Well, I skipped my breakfast today because I woke up late after a late night yesterday. Then I managed to have a Cheese sandwich around 2pm with a cuppa and was feeling tired. Weather was not all that promising and I thought that I wouldn't go for a run today, and had a sleep for 2 hours, call it an afternoon nap! When I got up I was fresh and good but the weather was not looking good. I knew I had to go for that run or else I would blame myself for giving myself false excuses.

So I got into my running gear and went out! Today I changed my technique of running a bit. What I used to do was to run in short and long strides as a mixture along the way. Today since I have not had a good lunch I thought it would be better not to get too tired and stop before completing the 5K, so I was running in short quick strides. I ran like that all the way with no changes. I felt good, not too tired and in fact I was finding it easier. So today I ran the 5K in 28 minutes and 40 seconds and this is my Personal Best! Hurray!!!!

Few months back, never in my dreams I imagined that I would run 5K in this timing, I have come a long way and I am well proud of myself!

I do thank you all good runners for giving such encouragement to each of us, we are a great bunch here!!

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Wow, what a great time!! Sounds like you have nailed your running technique. Brilliant achievement by the way and its down to your own hard work and dedication. So positive to hear stories like this as it encourages us all - im aiming for a sub 30 main run over next few weeks so hope to experience the joy very soon lolll. I love how great the members are on this forum as there are real success stories from real people. Keeps us all motivated! Congrats on your PB.


Thank you mhussain, it is great to feel that I really can run. The other day a colleague came to me to ask me about my running and I told her I run two 5K's and one 10K a week. She was amazed and was going to walk away saying 'I really can't run, you know'. I called her back and said if I can run, anyone can and told her how I struggled to run a minute without stopping few months back. I hope that she will give it a go. She does not live close to my home, or else I would have dragged her out and run with her.

It is amazing what this programme can do to you, as you very correctly say, all you need is dedication (my Sister calls this 'addiction'!) and wanting to make a change in your life.

I was about to give up on trying to run under 30 minutes couple of months ago but then one of our fellow runners told me to try running 2 fast 5K's and one slow 10K and it did help. After doing that couple of weeks, I did run under 30 minutes but not under 29 minutes like today.

Good luck to you, you will do will know how fantastic the feeling is!


That's a great 5K time and if you're running two 5Ks and one 10K a week that's massive!! Other people's reaction is always a joy to behold. Well done you. PS - plenty of running-in-the-rain opportunities coming up!


Thank you OldNed, I am quite impressed with myself today:-)

It will be 'cold' rain Old Ned...brrrr!!

Btw, I will be going to SL to see my parents on the 29th Oct and will be there for two weeks. The plan is to run over there too. My sister who was a National TT player and presently an International TT Coach is worried about me thinking that I am addicted (:-)) to running as I am planning to bring my running gear when I come home to see my parents for two weeks but never did that over the last 9+ years when I went home for almost a month each time. She asked me to 'slow down' and only do 5K. I smiled (on Skype) and said I am fine and planning to do a HM next year. She just opened her eyes wide but didn't say a word!

So now the question is- Am I addicted or am I addicted to this running bug?? One thing I know is that I am properly addicted to the difference it makes to myself physically and mentally, I am loving it!


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