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Progress Report (5K)

Just thought I'd post about my recent progress......AND I did take advice from your good selves about taking it easy lollll and it worked. I ran my fastest 5k and felt well chuffed. I know my times are accurate now since I purchased a Garmin (I secretly love the stats too.......secret no more).

17/10 - 33.36

19/10 - 32.03

21/10 - 34.57

24/10 - 30.55 (PB)

This was my seventh 5k in the space of 2 weeks and a bit. I was running every other day and since my last post was recommended to take it easy. Having done so, and having an additional rest day I ran a PB and felt great. However, I have realised you need to eat well, have sufficient energy for a successful run. During running every other day I neglected my eating habits only a little, didn't drink enough water and suffered. When I thought about the fact I need sufficient energy to run, I made a conscious effort to act on this and in turn ran my best race. Though its early days, I'm beginning to find my feet and thoroughly loving it (the running). I do hope to run a sub 30 min 5k but I will be patient as results are going in the right direction.


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Well done - some good advice and lessons there. I think I also need to learn to take it a bit easier as I have been pushing myself a lot recently and have been dismayed that times, whist already good, are moving away from my P.B. not towards or overtaking it. Congratulations on your P.B. and I am sure that sub 30 min 5k will be there in no time if you continue as you are with the good habits - it is an amazing feeling when you do finally break that barrier.


Thanks for the comments. That will be my mini target for next few weeks.


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