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wk 6 r1 - 1st injury :-(

Hi team,

1 minute into the jog, I felt my hamstring / groin / buttocks. Tried to run through it for 30 secs but quickly got worse so called it a day.

I think it is a strain rather than a pull, so hopefully rest and ice pack will do the trick.

What I am pleasantly surprised by is how disappointed I was when it happened. Rather than thinking, "Well, that has saved me another 20 minutes of pain!" - I was actually gutted that I couldn't complete the run.

A silver lining perhaps...


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That sounds frustrating. Am dreading injury as I feel that I must keep going! I hope you recover quickly.

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Thanks Onyva.


outch, I hope it is nothing serious, and that you get back out there soon:)

best of luck


Thanks Frilladella.

Funny thing is that yesterday, I left the park limping rather badly. I drove home which took about 20 mins. When I got out of the car the limping had gone and I couldn't feel any pain(?)...

This morning I went out and did wk6 r1 without any pain albeit I was slower than my wk5 r3 split times.

All in all a good result. My body is more weird than I thought!



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