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Week 8 run 1 with Dog

Well just did first run of week 8 at it went pretty well even though I had a new running companion....

Basically the weather has been pants today and the rest of the household are wrapped up with the snuffles so decided to take our little Jack Russell with me. She loved it, even if I wasn't going fast enough for her liking...

She got absolutely covered in mud, being so close to the ground, so it was bath time when we got home. She is now curled up in front of the fire and I get to cook dinner for the bed ridden lot.

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Good for you. My dog runs with me, like a bullet out of a gun (him not me!).


My dog comes with me along the side of the road. I am slow so she isn't actually forced to run- just a little faster walk. Luckily she doesn't get dirty- bath time with all her fluffiness is a lot of work !!


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