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W3 R1 - Running buddies flaked!

So, if you have read my other posts you will know that I am a graduate of C25k - that has lapsed. I decided to re-start the programme and enlisted a couple of newbies. As they hadn't run before - we decided to start at the very beginning (w1r1).

However, for different reasons, neither could make it last night. :-(

So, I decided to go by myself. I really wanted to test out my new Garmin 210, so I stepped it up to W5R1 (5mins R, 3mins W x 3) - I'm not goning to lie - it was tough, but I did it! And I felt amazing afterwards (despite the fact I hadn't set up the intervals on my watch correctly and had to do a bit of clock watching).

Really proud of myself and loved checking out my run stats when I got back - (distance, speed, heart rate, etc).

The after-run feeling is amazing - very addictive :)

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