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Back in the groove after a break

So after an enforced break (due to an evil chiropodist!) I have been attempting to get back into the C25K (left off at week 6 back in June). Thought it prudent to go back to week 3 - and nearly died - how could it be so hard? I stuck at it, repeated week 3 twice and week 4 twice too. But things really looking up now as I've just sailed through my week 5 runs and completed W5R3 comfortably (though not fast) last night :) I think it helped that I'd managed this once before so I knew how to approach the dreaded 20 minutes this time. I am absolutely delighted, to say the least, and on a real high this morning. Absolutely determined to stick to it now and graduate in 4 weeks' time. Wish me luck guys!

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That's fabulous, well done. It just goes to show how much of this is about believing in yourself. Second time around you don't have quite the same mental barrier as you do at first. ;-) I've just started over again from the beginning (did W1R2 today) and I'm loving it. I got that real high after my run too. :-) Good luck with the rest of the program.


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