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How do you motivate yourself?!

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I'm seriously rubbish at this whole motivation lark.

I've done the W1R1 run twice. Both times I managed it without stopping, but can I motivate myself to get out there again in the same week? No. Not at all.

I'm going to try again this week, W1R1 again tongiht and, as ever, I aim for Wednesday for my second jog. I just wonder how you guys do it! On days when you really, really can't be bothered, or when you miss a day, how do you stop yourself from jacking it in completely in the early stages?

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I think you have to get your brain used to the idea that you have made the decision to begin... get your stuff laid out ready to go straight out if you are a morning before breakfast person (I was; but my breakfast is at all times of the day due to shift work!!) or if it's an after work time then don't get distracted by sitting down for a cuppa/read/tv catch up - that can all be done afterwards with a gentle glow from your efforts! ;-)

Let nothing distract you from going, once you have succeeded a few times it truly becomes addictive! Keep posting and reading here for encouragement too!

Good luck :-)

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Me, I get on the scales :-)

Also I'm petrified into sliding back into the 112kg blob that I used to be...

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I'm confused as to why you are doing w1r1 again, you don't have to do these runs in the same week. It helps but if you have had 3 days break that's not a problem, your next run will be w1r3. Your motivation will build as time goes on so don't worry. The chances are in another couple of weeks you will be bitten by the running bug and will be chapping at the bit to get onto the next run. Good luck with the following weeks. So if your final run of week 1 went well move onto week 2.

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I find it helps to tell myself I don't have to do it if I don't want to (and I am not generally a 'reverse psychology' person) Today I was feeling rubbish - got a cold, not *ill* with it but chesty, hadn't run for nearly a week for various mostly very sound reasons, and of course today it was raining etc etc. Break in the cloud and I thought "It's now or never, gotta give it a go"... and for the first time in quite a while I did 5k and a personal best at that (and the rain came down again only harder and I was ankle deep in bog)

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I used to run in the mornings but seeing 5/6am used to make me want to hide under the duvet even more! As a result I stopped and noticed the layer upon layer of weight I was gaining and came up with a plan. I have since swapped to after work. I leave my stuff out and do not allow myself to sit down, in, changed and out again! I also run on a Tuesday, Thursday and then I can choose a Saturday or a Sunday. However if I feel like doing more, I just do it! Keeps me to minimum 3 runs per week, after reaching each goal its hard not to want to beat another challenge! Just enjoy it, I use it to brush off all of the stresses of the day :)

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The hardest bit is just getting out the door. Once you are out, there's the sun (if you are VERY lucky) the autumn colours, the breeze, the fact that you can be out and about, meeting dogs and cats and their owners...I was feeling dangerously unmotivated today, but just knew when i finally got out it would be ok, and managed just over 7k, for only the second time. And I was lucky the sun came out. So pleased I did it now.

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How about enlisting a running buddy? You can have a good catch-up in the warm up's and cool downs and as there is some-one relying on you to be there, you are less likely to 'let them down' by giving up. It's also good to have someone to say ' yeah that was hard today - but we did it!' with. Share the pain and glory :)

Plus with the dark weather coming- -safety in numbers!

Being a twin, I am super competitive - even if it is just against myself (to beat my pb).

I think the motivation will come the further you get into it - you will want to run further and faster.

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Also, another motivation is that if you get out and run NOW, TODAY, then tomorrow is a rest day ;-)

Hmmm well I'm one of the worst people when it comes to motivation and consistency but the way I motivate myself is I tell people the night before that I'm going to run in the morning and that I will give them an update. This way you kind of have a nagging feeling that you should run because you don't want to be seen as a quitter. ;) Anither good way is to pick a place ro run near you that you really enjoy. This was you can look around and not concentrate on your sore legs.

Thats just what works for me but hope this helps! :D

The hardest bit of starting the programme is starting the programme and getting out the door. With a few runs under your belt the addiction will come (trust me)... in terms of my personal motivation, I like goals and I like a challenge... C25K gave me that... I also like to look at how I was "before" the C25K plan - that keeps me running...

And look back on my first real 5k

Now - get out there ... Week 2 beckons! :) YOU CAN DO THIS!

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