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WK7 - I'm on it!!

So after not feeling well at all this last week, I went out this afternoon and did it :) Week 7 started all over again and how happy am I!!! I was actually gutted that it didn't rain while I was out as I really could have done with a freshen up.

I changed my route as we've had a lot of rain recently and I figured running through muddy fields wouldn't do a lot for my motivation. So I set my Strava app up and had no idea how far I was going and ended up having a longer walk home than usual, oops!! No worries, lots of time to cool back down again.

And here's the really good bit:

Moving time: 39mins

Total distance: 6.3KM!!!!!

And even better: PB on 5KM was 29min58secs!!!!!

Was so happy when I saw that! I am really keeping my fingers crossed that whatever bug I had has well and truly gone now because I really want to complete this and keep building on it as I feel so much better when I've been out :D

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