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Woo I may have a running partner or two!

After all the 'it's too dark' comments from the caring boyfriend I have made him agree to come running with me after work this evening, I think we will still do my dark route.

I made him download week one podcast I'm just concerned about us being at different levels!

As he left for work just now he pointed out that he was running 20mins ish long before me... That was two years ago and probably once a week!

I need to get out before Saturday coz it's park run day!

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Glad to hear that he's coming with you (at last). Still trying to persuade mine.


Waletta he came with me but we ended up walking the rest of the route home.

He told me before we went he didn't feel too great but didn't tell me the detail so I still persuaded him to come out with me.

He refused to listen to the first podcast because 'he's been running loads' (that's over a year ago and not three times a week!)

So we set off and he couldn't handle the brisk walk to warm up, said he felt weird. I had the stamina podcast on in one ear for my pace and he attempted to keep up with that.

Just under half way he kept stopping and walking and then just walked, I still ran until half way when I thought I'd best walk with him.

As it turns out he should've taken my advice with the podcast and he hadn't eaten any lunch!!!!

May try again another time!


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