1st run

Did my first podcast yesterday and did although my face was so red and my heart felt like it was going to pop out my chest and the heard rate monitor on the treadmill was going crazy. I have never been an active person but after developing ME a few years ago and being almost bedbound for a few months this seems so unachievable. Just looking forward 2 or 3 weeks is terrifying but reading all the positive comments is so inspiring. Can not wait to be able to say look what I've done in just 9 weeks time!


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  • And you will! It's amazing how it builds up and how much you improve. Today I ran for 25 minutes...just beyond belief...I didn't even think I would do 20 when I left the house this morning! Sounds like you have conquered so many challenges so far and I have confidence you will continue to do so! Hugs x

  • Welcome and great respect is owing to you for tackling C25k. Just take it at your pace....you can't go too slow. Repeat runs if you have to, until you are confident. This is a brilliant, life changing programme. I can't advise about the appropriateness of it for an ME sufferer, but I admire your guts and determination to give it a go. That attitude should see you through.

    Keep running and keep posting and we will be cheering you all the way. Good luck.

  • thank you for all being so friendly! I actually can not imagine running for 25 mins :O Any advice is very much appreciated, hips hurting a fair amount today :P which week is the hardest in your opinion?

  • BronwenCJ, all the weeks are hard, but don't be put off by that, because the hardest run of all is the first one and you've done that. I wouldn't dwell on other people's opinions of which are hard either. The positive approach that got you out on your first run is what you need to cultivate, follow the plan and it will deliver a new fitter you. Are you stretching post run?

  • Didn't stretch sat in a hot tub instead! *hangs head in shame*.

  • There are good stretches on the NHS choices page and I would definitely advise that you do them. I couldn't be bothered with all that "nonsense" to start with and could hardly walk down the stairs as a result. Now I wouldn't dream of not doing them. They help realign muscles and avoid aches and injury. Unfortunately running does involve more than running, but it is totally worth it. I am 57 and four months ago I struggled to run for a minute, last weekend I ran for 75minutes and covered 11k. There are huge psychological benefits too.

    I wish you luck and do make sure you post your progress. We've all been through the highs and lows of the course and take genuine pleasure in helping other people through. This forum is a wonderful place.

  • Me too. :)

  • Only on my 2nd week, but I learned after my first ever run that stretches are really important. I didn't do enough after the first run and spent the next few days walking like Douglas Bader because I couldn't put my right leg forward, I had to swing it from the hip. A couple good sessions of yoga and some other stretches, sorted it out good and proper.

  • It's amazing how quickly you feel the benefits. All the red-faced, sweating, heart thumping effort is definitely worth it. Best of all, it gets easier. Listen to your body and don't worry if you need to cut the run bits sometimes. I love reading the posts. So many similar we experiences out there. Good luck!

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