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Look what you lot have done to me!!

I use look in an imaginative term as you can't see me!

I also say you lot being those on Facebook telling me to run at half 6 on a cold damp Wednesday morning and the podcasts getting me to week 9 and running in the first place, thanks a lot... I think? Ha!

I had a guilt free semi lie in this morning because of that and I feel knackered. I have guilt for not reading for uni but no guilt because I ran, everyone's a winner?!

Here's my next thing, have to leave at half 7 tomorrow morning for work, the time of leaving work is undetermined because parents don't like to pick their children up until late... I am actually considering running at 6am tomorrow morning, I am just concerned about the light at that time and I don't yet have reflective stuff and I really will be crammed for time if my run goes over time... And don't say I could do it on Saturday because I'm in work... I don't have two jobs the one job I have thinks that 9hr days just aren't enough!!

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6am is an early start, and yes, it is still dark at that time but if you stick to well-lit areas, you should be fine! Wear your lightest coloured running gear and if you've got some proper running shoes, they should have a reflective strip somewhere too!

You'll be fine :)


I cannot believe I'm considering doing it, I forgot to say that my friend at work told me I was nuts yesterday, my personality just takes that as encouragement!!

I ended up out at about half 6 Wednesday morning so 6 isn't much earlier?

This weekend is also buying light coloured gear weekend I think... When I get some kind of weekend!


Oh and will also have to 'run it past' the boyfriend, he has a bit of say but not all about when I go out!


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