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Speed at last!!

Since graduating last year I've tried the speed podcast and failed miserably on many occasions. Tonight, for the first time I managed to get all the way to the end and had a really good run. I don't know what I was doing so wrong before but someone on here commented that Laura is off the beat at times so the last few times I've listened I've ignored Laura's 1,2,3,4 (sorry Laura!) and just listened to the music and it's really helped! Thanks to whoever it was on here that mentioned it :)

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That must be a great feeling! I must admit, I found the beat hard to hear on most of the c25k+ podcasts but they have been very useful to me post-graduation, if only because I like hearing Laura's encouragement!


Well done for getting it!

Ok so it's worth a try anyway then guys? I'm going to do one c25k+ podcast a week at weekends and just try them and see how I get on!

It's just what one to start with!!


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