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Finally had my gait analysed!

Have been running for 18 months now so decided to ditch my children's running shoes from Decathalon and treat myself to some proper running shoes. Tried 3 different pairs out on the treadmill as have a bad pronation. Came away with a pair of New Balance 850's and they were on offer from £85 to £55 real bargain!! Can't wait to try them out tomorrow, hope they sort out all my niggly aches and pains.

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excellent...I am sure they will help sort you out. Happy running!!


I'd love to know what difference it makes when you've had the shoes a while. I'm thinking of going to get my gait analysed pretty soon. Is it worth it?


I will let you know Horrorhiker. I bought my first pair from Decathalon as a beginner in C25K 18 months ago for £25,so they have served me well. Recently I have been having niggly pains in my right foot,lower right back and neck.I do eventually run the pains off.After speaking to many experienced runners they all highly recommended proper running shoes after having your gait analysed. They didn't tell me anything I didn't already know as I had been treated by a Podiatrist for my pronation following a knee injury. It was interesting to see my running style in slow motion and how the different shoes corrected the problems. Lots of the shoes were £100-120 which I would have struggled to justify for my 2 runs a week. I told the guy I would prefer a max budget of £100 but the ones I had were the most supportive ones he offered me and were on offer which was a bonus. He said after a year or so they lose their cushioning which maybe why I was experiencing these niggly pains now. I wouldn't have it done again as you are obliged to buy shoes from them after they have spent 30mins+ analysing your gait in different shoes. In future I know I need a very supportive shoe for pronating feet so I will shop around. I am more than happy with my purchase today and they feel much more supported so we'll see.


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