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Back to it!!

I am starting week7 run 2tomorrow. I've had a week off *smacks hand* (naughty girl) I'm a little nervous as I felt I could seriously throw up last week (tmi, I know!)

Also the week off is making it harder to go back. Especially thinking 25 minutes!! I've downloaded some audio books to try an get me through it as the music on the podcasts aren't really for me ( the cheek of me!)

Anyway, wish me luck!

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You will be fine! You've already done this - enjoy!


well you already have made it through the hardest part you know - just think of how you were a few weeks ago during W4 or W3..... and now you have proved you can run 20+ minutes several times....

Good Luck - take it easy and not too fast at the start remember!

Happy Running


Thank you both for the encouragement! I believe I can do it. :)

P.S Well done to you, both graduates!!


That was the worst run ever!! I only managed 3.45 before I felt I was going to pass out. My breathing was shocking.

So disappointed in myself, grrrr!!


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