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Can anyone recommend a pedometer?

I'd like to know how far I'm walking and/or running and with all the choice of pedometers I'm not sure where to start. I don't have a smart phone or equivalent so can't download apps etc. I just want a basic pedometer, nothing too flash just one that will show me the distance in miles that I can use for walking and running and even for everyday, walking at work use, to see if I really do walk miles in a day:-). Any suggestions?

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I've been using pedometers for a couple of years and this year started using the FitBit. It is more expensive than a basic pedometer (I've only got the FitBit zip) but it does download your steps to your computer and is recording your activity throughout the day. I found that really helpful when trying to lose a few pounds this year as you know how any calories you've sed up every day :-)

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I was just going to suggest the Fitbit Zip too. I've had mine only since mid August but wear it all the time and clocked up 250 total miles yesterday! It's a great incentive to walk more as well as your running. Win-win!


I have a fitbit zip too. Definitely recommend it.


Thank you, I'll go and investigate.


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