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Week 6 nailed!!

It has taken me a month but I have completed week 6. I felt I was flying after week 5, then hit a brick wall on wk6 R2, I injured my calf and ankle and generally made lots of excises for stopping, too busy went on holiday working away and all that.

I managed to tear myself out of bed last week, then again on Sunday and went back to the start of wk6. Today was the last run and I made it. I took it very slowly and to be honest didn't find it nearly as hard as I thought I wouldn, No idea what distance I covered but it wont be huge.

The really great bit is that I felt able to lift the pace a bit for the last 5 mins then again for the last min, so I am sure I can do the full 30mins with a couple more weeks training. The whole 5k thing might be a bit different though!

Actually looking forward to wk 7 now and hopefully I will be able to lift the pace a little by the end of the week.

Thanks to all for the support and motivational words, it really does make a difference

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You've got it right, JIMBO, unlike most of us. Getting the early pace right so that there is something in reserve is crucial and the key to success with this whole running thing. Well done on getting back to it so positively. No stopping you now. The distance will come in time, so don't worry about it now.

Keep on running.


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