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woo hoo

wk 3 rp 1 today set off with a heavy heart was convincing myself there was no way I could run for 3 mins gave myself a telling off and said come what may we are going to to do this and do you know what I did in fact when it came to the end of the first 90 sec run I was not even out of breath this can I say is a miracle because at beginning of wk 2 I thought I was going to collapse with lack of breath just goes to show this really does work - so proud!

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Well done! I imagine I'll be feeling exactly the same as you when I start week 3 (next week) but that's fab to hear - and always helps to give yourself a quick telling off for negative thoughts ;) Keep it up!


Well Done. It's not that bad is it! And it gets easier as you work through the week. I did w3r2 today and it went well. Everyone seems to find w5 the worst when it steps up each run. I'm sticking rigidly to the programme. No extra runs for me.


I'm about to do my first week 3 tonight. Which will be difficult as I'm used to running in the mornings, not the evenings


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