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Am I too heavy to run?

I am a size 20 and weigh about 17 1/2 stone.

I am on week 3 of CT5K and am really struggling to get through it as I am in agony with my right knee.

I started week 3 and after the 1st run (which I managed ok) I was in a lot of pain in the back and side of my knee to the point that I could hardly walk on it for a week.

I decided to have a go on the treadmill as I read that there is less wear & tear on the joints. The next day I was in pain again.

I felt a little better this morning so have just tried to have another go with a support on my knee, but didn't even get through half a mile before knee started to hurt again.

Really gutted as I am really wanting to do the run, I am wondering if it's a case of mind willing but body unable? Am I too heavy?

Can anyone give me some advice please, I really want to do this.

Thank you

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I started at 18 stone (as have others), so it can be done. We're all different though, so a little bit of tweaking to the plan might be required.

1st, rest your knee. Maybe try tubigrip or a knee support.

I'd you're in the gym, try the cross trainer for a bit, because it's lower impact. The plan will work less well on the cross trainer, but it will have an effect. If you're knee recovers move back to the treadmill.

Also check out myfitnesspal


Thank You crox. I have booked a session with a sports physio for this friday and will get them to have a look as well.

I usually run outside on road/path. I have only used treadmill twice as I prefer to be outside and actually find the treadmill harder than running outside.

I will see what physio says on friday but rest knee up till then. I'm glad to here that there has been other people my kind of weight that have succeeded, it is a positive thought, so thank you.



Awww MumWhaley, please believe me there is no too heavy to run if you have the get-up-and-go to get-up-and-go-out-there and give it a try! As Crox says, there are several buxom ladies and gents who have had amazing success with C25K, and reaped health and well-being benefits in bucket-loads!

Some hints:

Use your rest days and take an additional 1or 2 if you need that for your joints/muscles to both heal and strengthen.

If you can't manage all the runs in any of the podcasts, continue to walk briskly - it will likely still be an additional 30 minute workout over and above your normal daily routine, and it will serve to get you into the C25K habit! Walking is lower 'impact' but still good cardio exercise for you!

If your knee is still painful after a rest - you should check with a Dr or sports physio to make sure there is no injury. (Stop press - just seen you're planning this anyway :) - great! )

If you've used ordinary trainers, consider having a 'gait analysis' to see if your normal pacing on road or treadmill is responsible for 'putting your knee out'

Once you feel able to complete a podcast, try to do the 3 required repetitions before moving on to the next week. Some of my 'weeks' lasted for 7 or 8 runs, but I did them in the end!

I started off 'obese'*, asthmatic and approaching retirement....I'm now 'overweight'* and my lungs are way, way stronger. (* by BMI rating). Believe in the programme!

Post regularly on this forum and share your concerns, joy and successes - this is the most friendly group on the www! ;)

Trying to be retired now but still running 3 times a week and very slowly losing weight. I have adjusted my eating too - I haven't found it difficult cos running has altered my whole approach to living more healthily. Lots of luck with the programme, take care and post agin soon. Cheers, Linda :)

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