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Did your body stop craving junk food?

Im very new to all this fitness lark, only just finished week 5, and I am losing weight slowly but I think it's far more to do with the healthy eating I seem to be actually sticking too!

I realised yesterday that I havent had a packet of crisps or chocolate in 5 weeks (if you knew me youd know how remarkable this is!). When I originally started the program it was because my clothes were getting tight so I made the effort to eat well & avoid takeaways I usually do this every 6 months or so to keep my weight on track & then I have treat days at the weekend, but I am actually yet to have a treat day 5 weeks in!

Did anyone else find this?

I think its partly coz it seems a waste of all the running but also I genuinely just don't fancy eating 'bad stuff', is this a novelty that will wear off or do the fitter amongst us find this is something that lasts?

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I seem to have on and off weeks with my eating, but run days have better eating I think! Trying to balance out the comfort eating with comfort running too!


I had a similar response when I started running last year. I went for months without craving crisps and only having the occasional small bit of chocolate. Like you, I felt it would be a 'waste' of the running.

However, this summer, since starting cycle commuting (30 miles round trip), I've been so hungry that I've craved-and eaten-chocolate biscuits and crisps, as well as the heaps of sandwiches and mountain of fruit. But I've lost even more bulk than with just running (dropped another dress size) and feel great.

I'm due to finish my summer seasonal job in a week and with it the daily cycling, so will have to be very strict with myself to give up on the 'treats' again.


Yes! A little different from you perhaps as I've never really been fond of junk foods. I did find that I just didn't need/want as much to eat ... of anything! There is certainly the rationale that it would negate the good of the running etc, but as I have felt so much more fit - 'buzzy about life' and relaxed - 'at peace in my head', I guess I simply haven't needed the comfort of chocolate either .... And I love chocolate! Weird but good, eh?

I'm certainly not complaining. I love running, am getting slimmer, and eating smaller but yummy meals which are great! (Yes, I do think my body has steered me to healthier ingredients too) I hope the symptoms don't wear off ... I started C25K in Feb. :D

Cheers, Linda


Hello! I've only been doing this for a week, but YES!! I'm so glad somebody else is finding the same thing as I am. I just don't want as much to eat as I used to! I've never been a great one for chocolate, but fat and salt have always been my downfall until yesterday when I didn't put any pork scratchings in my shopping trolley - I just didn't fancy them - but looked at a promotional display of MullerRice, which I've never eaten in my life before and thought, "Ooh, they look nice!" (they were!)

Long may it continue!



I have stopped wanting sugar so much. I will go into a cafe and just have a cup of tea and not want a cake, which is very strange. I think my body is just asking for what it wants and I am listening to it, not eating with my mind. However I still have withdrawal symptoms from the sugar, and feel like something is missing, just that I don't want to eat it. It's uncomfortable sometimes, like an itch I can't scratch.

Not sure if I am losing any flab yet (week 5) but I do feel happier and have more energy whch is the main thing.


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