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Week 3 - Run Two - Complete

It was a long day at work today and I started to think I might be too tired to go for a run. Then on the bus on the way home, my Aunt had posted on FB that her and my uncle had just run 20 miles today! Suitably shamed, I set out to do my run.

It was actually quite a good run tonight. Since the nights have started drawing in a bit, my husband and kids have been accompanying me lately and it definitely makes the runs more....erm.... challenging. Probably more so for him than me. I keep running on ahead then walking back to them. It's working well, but will be glad to get out on my own at the weekend. Week 3 nearly done, woo hoo.

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Goodness, well done - I think the 20 miles might have made me go home and lie down in despair. Linda


Great going - I am doing W3R2 today. Actually looking forward to it (well, maybe more looking forward to feeling smug after its done!) Hope mine goes as well as yours did! time to start being nervous for W4!


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