Remember to check the podcast first!

I completed W5R3 on Friday and felt really positive to run 20 mins without stopping. I went to do W6R1 today with a little trepidation, but found it was really easy and upped my speed quite considerably during the runs. Then I got to the end and Laura said "remember to leave a days rest before doing W5R3"! I must have moved the podcast backwards rather forwards and repeated W5R2.

My initial thoughts was that I have wasted a session, but at least I ran faster than before and to find this session easy when I only ran it 4 days ago means I must be making good progress.

Anyway, don't be a plonker like me. Check you have got the right podcast first.

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  • I'm guilty of being a plonker too... It's easily done!

  • Yeah, me too. I started W6 with run 2 and have never actually done W6R1. Does that mean I am not really a graduate?

  • Ha ha, I repeated Wk 6 R3 too, because when i got out there, realised husband had only downloaded that many podcasts onto the MP3 player, and I hadn't checked. He hadn't done the rest, probably thinking I'd never get that far! Well, this week is week 9 so how wrong was he?

  • Me - mega plonker - didn't really know how the 'inherited' ipod worked and did wk 1 run 2 at 1.5 times the speed! Thought she was talking fast!

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