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Week 7 run 2 steadier .... And dare I say a squeak faster?

Amazingly beautiful morning today so went out ... In long sleeves as it was cold! Proper cold! Felt I was making heavy weather of it but stuck to it. Had a rush of blood to the head at the half way point and came back a different way but still felt lumpy.

Needed to go up a short sharp bit of hill at the end just as Laura said you can speed up now if you are feeling good - try to avoid all things Hill at moment so I just stuck at it. Come home, make myself a nice cuppa and look at my stats and I have run further, faster and my splits are wonderfully steady. OK slightly further, slightly faster but even so!

And I was going to give it a 6 out of 10! Maybe it was the long sleeves... Smug!

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Well done. I am right behind you; on run 2 tomorrow.


Well done Deb54. Just shows the importance of keeping going, plodding on - or up in your case- and ignoring that negative thought inside that is trying to hijack you.


Well done! I did Run 2 today, think I went out too soon after dinner as I felt heavy, my legs felt heavy and I felt a bit sick near the end. Felt it was really slow, but my middle split (the only one where I'm solidly running) was just over 11min/mile which was pretty quick for me!

We're really doing this aren't we?? :)


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