I did it guys.....completed the Bupa Great North 5k and lived to tell the tale!!!

As the title suggests I have completed the 5k run this morning. Omg it was sooooo tough which wasn't helped by the mahoooosive inclines. Despite that I was really surprised how much I was able to run and I completed the course in 36:16! I am so proud of myself!

Once I've recovered from this it's time to crack on with week 5!! No rest for the wicked!! :-)


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29 Replies

  • that is a brilliant time if you are only at week 5. My best 5K time is 42:40, so I am a long way behind you x

  • Thank you. It was never about the time but I am so proud. It's just made me more determined to follow the plan to the end!

  • Well done and yes a brilliant time! Mine was 45: 12 which I'm happy with. I'm never going to win any races. Wasn't the atmosphere great!

  • Well done! Yeah the atmosphere was great from start to finish. An amazing day!!

  • Well Done! :)

  • Thank you

  • Really well done!

  • Thank you

  • That is fabulous. I have just done my first week 3 session today and found it quite hard so there is no way I could tackle a 5 K run yet. Hopefully by the end of the plan though. Well done to you though.

  • Thank you. I can remember week one and having the same thoughts!! How could I ever run 5k. If you trust the plan you'll get there. The improvement I've seen in 4/5 weeks is amazing! Good luck :-)

  • Well done!!! That is really amazing at week five! V impressed

  • Thank you :-)

  • I take my hat off to you runners who are only half way through the program and already entering into 5K charity runs, hills and all. You are really made of strong stuff, well done.

  • Thank you. It was this 5k which motivated me to start the couch to 5k so I'm really pleased I did. Hard work but loving every minute, especially my new confidence :-)

  • Wow that is fantastic!!! I'm in awe! I couldn't have done that at week 5!

    I did this run this morning too! Had such a great time and yes the atmosphere was fantastic!

    Well done :-)

  • Well done to you too. It was a super event.

    The old me would have been thinking about everyone around me and how fast they were going. However thanks to these last few weeks I've learned to pace myself. I'm still grinning now ;-)

  • Yaay you, well done, that is AMAZING :)

  • Thank you, I just wanna high five people!! Ha ha

  • A great time at only week 5 in the programme - be really proud of yourself and enjoy the rest of C25K and beyond

  • Thank you :-) I'm gonna try

  • Hi There,

    I myself did the Great North 5K on Saturday, I only started running in April this year, completed C25K in July, that's when I put myself in for the Run.. The atmosphere was amazing, my bottom lip was trembling crossing the Finnish line, lol I finished in 40:14 which I was a bit gutted about but I did it!!

    Well done on your achievement, your time is amazing, you should be proud!! Have you receive the link for the photos?

    I'm definitely putting myself in for many more 5Ks, until I know I can do a 10K!!

    Well done x

  • Hi Maz, your right it was so highly charged it was great. I experienced a range of emotions. Well done to you, it's such an achievement as we are both new runners.

    Yes I have received the link this morning, there are a few which are canny......I actually look like a runner! Ha ha.

    I've definitely got the bug and fancy a few more 5k's plus I like the bling of the medal!!

    Keep me posted on how your getting on.

    Take Care :-)

  • First things first ~ CONGRATULATIONS! I've not done a steady 5k yet as I keep getting interrupted by cars, tractors, sheep, ponies etc (the joys of running on Dartmoor).

    Having seen the Great North Run yesterday I was feeling somewhat disillusioned when the elite man crossed the line after running 13.1 miles in a gnats do-dahs over one hours ~ now I have seen you post, and some of the responses I feel somewhat heartened. I managed to do a 3.25k run in 16 minutes dead, but that was nearly all down hill (having run/walked the other way first), and it was in the summer when it was seriously hot.

    With my 50th looming, I am determined to do a 5k and/or parkrun this year.

    Any advice on training/pacing etc would be very welcome.

  • Thank you for the congratulations.....I won't lie I am still beaming!

    I'm not sure if you are following the podcasts, if so stick to them and trust Laura. The difference I've found in the last 4 weeks alone is unbelievable so it's exciting to see what I will be like at the end of the 9 weeks.

    Don't be afraid to slow down, sometimes I could walk faster then the jogging pace I am doing but I continue to "jog" for the allotted time.

    Finally for inspiration keep checking the posts and keep everyone updated with your progress. The help and support you get from everyone is really uplifting!

    Good luck and keep me posted :-)

  • Beaming is fully justified...and CONGRATULATIONS again. What's your next target ~ apart from rest and a well earned glass or two?

    I haven't used the podcasts, but I have followed the run/walk splits...or at least at first I did. Then my wife started running with me, and being the chivalrous type I didn't want to run-off and leave her, so I adapted my sessions. She has now stopped (due to hayfever and schools going back in), and I now just do my own thing.

    I will aim for a Park Run with my rowing mad (an obscenely fit) 14 year old son soon....watch this space, as they say!

    My goal? To be able to run well and comfortably off-road, followed by a half or full marathon and some adventure racing or mountain marathons!!

  • My next target is to complete the podcasts. Then aim towards 10k to eventually taking part in the Great North Run.

    I have never had the confidence or the drive to think that I was capable of running the GNR however following this weekend I'm feeling really motivated!

    Your goal is totally achievable as long as you take baby steps and set realistic mini goals along the way. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be smashing mountain marathons before you know it.

  • MelB82, of course you can do it ~ you are a full-fledged runner. Many people just sit around thinking that 'I could do that' ~ the difference between you and them is that you ARE doing it; and I for one, am impressed, massively impressed.

    I am confident that you will reach your goals quickly and easily. You have proved yourself as a runner. Roll on the 10k and the GNR (still think it sounds like a train!).

    Thanks for the words of support and encouragement. Together we WILL get there, and I shall drag 'the missus' out in the evenings and all three of us will aim for our first Park Run soon(ish).

    As our son says, 'Obsession is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated', courtesy of Asics.

  • Ooopppsss, that should read 'Inov8', not Asics. His Asics quote is 'I'm made of all the days you don't see; not just the ones you do'.

  • Haha, I'm loving the quotes especially: 'Obsession is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated'.

    Yeah drag your "missus" out too, she will thank you for it in the end. Roll on the park run's and achieving our goals.....*high five* :-)

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