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Weird cramp!

I strained my calf a week ago, only a mild strain and although it's recovered occasionally it feels like I'm about to have those weird painful muscle spasms! It did wake me up yesterday attacking my poor leg, but I feel fine to run today. Had plenty of water and bananas to help, (potassium is good apparently) for leg cramps. Anyone else had this?

Thanks :)

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Yes, suffered from this earlier in the program. Actually been awakened by it at night jumping out of bed howling till I can get relief by walking. An old remmedy for cramps is indian tonic water due to the quinine in it.

I have read that foam rollers help keep muscles supple and maybe this could help ease your cramps. worth a try :)


Hi Ryansson thanks, I have a roller but will try the tonic water. See how my run goes later, :)


Tonic water helps (need to get the one with quinine) also lack of salt due to sweating can cause it. So add some gin or vodka to your tonic and eat a bag of salted crisps. If you are good at multitasking you could foam roller at the same time. The foam roller won't be quite so painful while drinking the VT.:)


Now that sounds like wonderful recovery advice ;) I bet it was the heat when I was running, as haven't had this problem before. Thanks :)


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