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The Shoelace - My Nemesis Strikes Again!

After a shocking week last week (involving a mega meltdown trying to sort out the BF's passport less than a fortnight before we fly - aaaaggggghhh!), I had done NO exercise at all - no Shred, no runs, nothing. So it was with some trepidation that I dragged myself onto the treadmill yesterday. It all started off as usual - a grumble at the stupid time (6.45am!), a brisk warm up whilst thinking about how hard it's going to be (damn you evil gremlins) & then off I went.

If any of you have read my posts before, you'll know that I take my glasses off when I run (don't even ask.......) & so I can't see bloody thing when I'm running. As I listen to the same playlist, I do know roughly where I am time-wise. Then it happened - I got THAT feeling on my right foot. That sudden realisation that all is not well. So I'm running at home, alone & blind & I know that if I trip or if the shoelace decides to get overly familiar with the treadmill mechanics, I'm a goner. Unfortunately our treadmill doesn't do "pause" & so I had to stop. After only 10 mins - NOOOO!

After a retying the pesky lace, I started the machine again & did another 5 walk, to get back into the swing. Then I ran again - for a tragic 2 mins. It seems I simply cannot run again after a break. So I had to admit defeat & so I just walked until the 30 mins was up.

So this morning I thought I'd try again. And amazingly, it was one of THOSE runs - a run where everything is working as it should. My breathing is light & regular, just like my steps. I get to 15 mins & feel like I can do the whole 30 mins (ashamed to say I haven't done that since Aug 1st), possibly even more - eeee! I might actually run 5k!!! Then I noticed THAT feeling again, a tiny slide of my foot inside my trainer. Nah! It can't be that pesky lace again, I'm being paranoid. Then it happens again & again. I risk a squint at the clock; I've done 21 mins. Ah sod it! I know I have to stop again but I risk running until I get to 25 mins (longest 4 mins EVER). After the cooldown walk, I put my specs on to inspect my right foot. There, I see you, the weak link. The knot had loosened & it was barely hanging on. Damn you pesky lace!!!!!!! You might have just ruined my best ever run - sob!

Just to put this into perspective, I've been running for over a year & this is the first time that I've ever had a shoelace come undone. So to have it happen in two days is just weird.

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Just a thought I got these recently, for a slightly different reason, I was getting pain in the top of my foot, but they do work well,


I used to struggle with my lace always coming undone, now I tie them in a double bow and no longer have a problem


Double bow all the way x


I'm with the elastic 'lock laces' too. It was a sign of my progress when I stopped welcoming an undone lace as an excuse to stop for a mo!


Last time I marshaled at Parkrun one of the frontrunners had to pull up to tie his laces... I felt so bad for him :-( I'm a cautious type so triple knot for me.


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