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Running in specs

Anyone got any tips for running in specs?

I'm very short sighted and wear contact lenses but had some medical treatment on my left eye yesterday which means I'm in specs for a week. I have one more wk 2 run left and wondered if I should plough on in specs. Will they bounce off my sweaty face?

Or should I run one-eyed?

Or I could just wait it out but I'd like to keep up the momentum if I can.

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Hi Vivster, I run in glasses all the time without any major issues. Sometimes they steam up but I just take them off for a while and keep going. Have tried running without them but its very disorientating and made me feel queezy.


I'd try and persevere in specs to be honest. If you're running outside, I wouldn't do it one-eyed. (No depth perspective and very weird feeling)

I don't run in my specs as I'm a treadmill runner (not ready for public consumption yet!) but you can get an attachment that attaches to each arm of the glasses and goes around your head, and you then tighten it using the clasp. (like on a drawstring bag). This will stop them bouncing around.


I run in glasses all the time and don't have any problems except when it rains, but I've got a peaked cap for that. Don't run one eyed !


I usually run wearing glasses and have had no problems other than them steaming up occasionally but a quick wipe sorts that out


Thanks guys. I'll try with glasses. It should only be for two or three runs. I have a few roads to negotiate (including one main one) plus a track across a common which can be rutted and stony. You're right that one eyed probably isn't a good idea. running with no visual correction would probably be fatal!


Hi, I had one eye lasered years ago and my vision now without specs is at driving standard, but sharpness fades more as the light dulls, it's great that I can choose, and I wear my prescription specs which are transition lenses that darken when outside, as I screw my eyes up a lot in bright light,and now wear also for protection from flying objects such as bugs, stones, grit.

And I never have a problem with them bouncing around and coming off.... Try your specs..

I don't think I could run one eyed for fear of accident.. So wouldn't advise it..

Don't worry about losing a bit of time on the programme just for a week, you'll pickup again...


If you have problems with the glasses coming off try "temple hooks" on ebay. They work on sunglasses for the summer too. They cost a couple of quid.


I'm another speccy runner. I normally wear varifocals but have just bought a pair of distance only glasses for running -running in varifocals can be a wee bit disorientating (or perhaps that's just me!) My new running glasses are lovely, they don't bounce around on my face or feel like they're going to fall off. The only problem with running in glasses is rain: I've yet to find a pair with built-in windscreen wipers!


I leave my specs at home when I run, as they'd be useless anyway: the lenses steam-up, or get sprayed by rain, or my sweat drips on them... so I would not see anyway and I'd have some additional nuisance.


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