Couch to 5K

A week off

Right at the end of week three, I'm going to have to have a week off to rest my shins. It's starting to pinch up to my knees now so I think a week's 'rest' (I have no car, a toddler and a Labrador so we walk everywhere) will do me good. It's far too painful to consider week four at the moment. My husband needs to catch up with me next week anyway because he was working 8am-9pm all week and couldn't fit week 3 in.

Trying to stay positive about needing the rest but I can't wait t get back out there!

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Sounds very sensible to me. Rest up and come back in a weeks time and let us know how you're doing :)


I found calf sleeves really helped with my shins, tubigrip should do the same.


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