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Week 6 - what's in store?

Although I haven't myself been posting on this forum, I have been reading all of your wonderful comments to get me through the program so far (I completed W5 R3 yesterday!!! Woop woop! Unbelievable!) So thanks everyone because I'm not sure that I would have managed to keep it up without your encouragement and advice.

I've logged on this afternoon to read some of the Week 6 posts for inspiration, but have had a bit of a shock, as everyone is saying how hard it is! Would someone mind letting me know the structure of Runs 1 and 2 this week? I find that I cope much better with a run if I know in advance what's coming up. (I think a bit of mental preparation helps!)

Thanks in advance!

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I have got W6R2 tomorrow and run 1 yesterday was great. I was in a happy place as Laura was going to let me walk and I just relaxed and enjoyed it. Again and again it comes down to our heads and not our legs! You have done 20 mins so 5 + 8 + 5 is easy. I think I have got 10 + 10 tomorrow. I always run away from home and turn round just after half way as it is a gentle but noticeable uphill on the way out and then a wonderful gentle but noticeable downhill on the way home. So I think I am going fast - and I am actually faster but not a blur!

So I need to get up and get out and get in my groove and happy place. If you are out tomorrow I will think of you and send you happy thoughts!


You will be fine if you take it easy. Duration not speed is the demand. The longer runs are about the mental battles which you can overcome as long as you believe in it. C25k has built up your body for this challenge and you just need to provide the ability to let your body do it. It can be tough, but you can do it as long as you don't build it up into an impossible task.

You've got this far-you will succeed. Good luck. Chill.


Landesman, thank you so much for this link! It's really useful, as I do like to know what's coming up.

deb54, I'm so glad that you had a good W6 R1. I have really enjoyed every single run so far (which is amazing because I never ever thought that I could enjoy running!) and am really looking forward to my first run of Week 6, so it is really great to read of a positive experience. Thanks for your kind words; I will indeed be out tomorrow evening. Enjoy your R2 - will you let me know on this thread how you get on? Hope it's fun!

IannodaTruffle, thank you for your very encouraging and wise words; I really appreciate them. I will indeed chill!


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