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Week 7 run 3 - a step too far!!

Have had a bit if an exercise frenzy this week. Gym Monday, Ceroc dancing Tuesday, first workout if 30 day shred Wednesday morning then decided to go for week 7 run 3 in the evening as wasn't feeling too Bad.

As soon as I started running the 3litres of water I'd drunk throughout the day mares it's presence known and as I ran on my kegs became heavier and heavier. I only managed to do 12.5 mins :-(

I tried to start again after a short walk but it was no good. Before I knew it Laura was telling me I only had one minute left and to try and speed up so I thougt sod it and ran he'll For leather!!!

My god do I ache today though. Luckily Ihhaven't had time to try and exercise. A forced day of rest will do me good I hope.

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And if you make your way through the typos I'll buy you a chocolate bar!!!


Phew. Running with heavy kegs is a killer, especially after shredded ceroc (is that a salad vegetable?). :-)

As I'm sure others will say, slow and steady (and probably sans leather) is the way to go.


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